Venus Industries is a leading Mumbai, India based manufacturer of industrial threads and twines. Our products find use in varied industries such as fisheries, marine work in harbour and docks, sewing, stitching, transportation, construction, leather-goods, sporting goods, adventure sports etc.

Venus Industries was founded in 1971 by Mr. Mansoor Sanwarwala as a small unit in Mumbai with a simple goal of producing good quality industrial threads for the Indian market at affordable prices. Our initial operations included processing cotton yarn and wet doubling and twisting.

Sensing the acute demand in the fisheries industry for our products, we started manufacture of High-density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) and Nylon mono fishnet twines in 1985. We have since also ventured into manufacture of synthetic twines made from Nylon, Polyester & Poly-propylene multi-filament yarns, High Tenacity Twines, Thread, Braids, Ropes, Tyre cords.

Our manufacturing unit is situated at Bhiwandi, just on the outskirts of Mumbai and has a monthly production capacity of 25 Tonnes of Twines. The unit is equipped with high-speed Two-For-One (TFO) machines, up twisters for big packages and heavy duty doublers to ensure the quality of the goods produced.

At Venus Industries, we follow a stringent quality control process with all our products undergoing detailed examination at each stage of the manufacturing process on various quality parameters such as fineness, strength, tenacity, twist, colour, etc. Additionally, all products are manufactured using the best quality nylon, polyester and polypropylene yarns. Most of our workmen have been with us for over 10 years and are adept at customizing our products to suit your requirements.

Our products are supplied all over India – right from South India where they are used in coastal areas for fishing to North India, where  they are used in sewing, stitching, leather and clothing industries. We have recently also started exporting to some of our coastal neighbours and UAE.

Year Event
1971 Founded by Mr. Mansoor Sanwarwala
1985 Started production of HDPE and Nylon mono-filaments
1990 Ventured in Polypropylene and Nylon
2000 Polyester and High-Tenacity Thread production undertaken