High Tenacity Polyester Sewing Threads

Polyester sewing threads are high-strength twines/sewing threads made out of multifilament polyester yarns having tenacity higher than 8 GPD (grams per denier).

Their strength and knotless packaging makes them ideal for Industrial heavy-duty stitching and sewing purposes.

The finished product is also available in other packaging options and colours can be customized as per requirements.

Available in 210D / 2ply, 3ply…. 180 ply

  • As with all our products, these High-tenacity threads are packed under our registered brand SWAN.
  • Following packaging options are available for Industrial Sewing threads
    • Knotless jumbo cheese of 1.25 kgs,
    • 500gram plastic tubes.
    • Y-cones.

We also Supply Imported Polyester Threads in 2 main sizes 1×2 ( 2ply ) and 1×3 ( 3 ply ) These have a standard packing of 500gms plastic shrink packed cones in 25 Kg cartoons.

These Industrial Threads are widely used in stitching industry for collar stitching, Shoe Stitching and Leather Goods such as Purses, bags and Upholstery Stitching and sewing. Also used in Sports goods, etc. These threads wound on Y-cones are widely used for Bag closing and stitching.

  • These High strength Poly threads are  available in customized colors
  • These Polyester twines are cost efficient compared to Nylon yarn threads
  • Ready stock available in almost all sizes.( 1X2 and 1×3 )
  • 6+ and 8+ GPD twines available.
  • Custom packaging options available (Big knotless cheese, hank or Y-Cone).
  • High-quality, high tensile strength product. (Samples available on request.)
  • Reduced Elongation, soft and smooth finish.
  • Superior resistance to abrasion and sunlight as compared to regular nylon.
  • These Leather stitching threads are Lubricated with special emulsion or Thread oil for High sewing/ stitching machines.

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