Polypropylene (PP) Bag Closing Threads

These are High Tenacity Twines made from UV treated Poly Propylene yarns.

They are used mainly for bag closing and manufacturing bird nets. These PP Threads are available in all sizes. Multi coloured PP twines are also available.

Available in PP 210/ 2ply, 3 ply and 6ply.

  • As with all our products, these threads are packed under our registered brand SWAN.
  • Following packaging options are available:
    • 500gm plastic tube
    • 160 gm Y Cones
  • These Polypropylene threads have good resistance to Ultraviolet deterioration from sunlight
  • Because of their low specific density these twines are widely used for manufacturing fencing nets, bird nets and closing the mouths of bags
  • PP Twines are widely for mending and making fishing nets
  • Individual cones are shrink-packed
  • High Tenacity of 6 GPD

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