Mattress Stitching Threads

These high strength threads are made out of continuous filament yarn and are best suited for tape edging operation in mattress production. Coated with special lubrication, these threads have high seam strength and are ideal for high speed sewing machines.

These threads also find use in collar knitting, quilt stitching and sewing, upholstery making, book binding applications.

Ticket No. Ply Average Strength Recommended Needle Size* Meterage per cone
Cn Grams Singer Metric
40 3 2600 2650 16-19 100-120 7000 meters
60 2 1600 1700 14-16 90-100 10000 meters

*Needle size recommendations are a guide only and ultimately depends on the sewing application

As with all products these threads are packed in our registered brand SWAN

And are wound on jumbo Y cones of 7000 meters and 10000 meters

  • Mattress making
  • Collar knitting
  • Quilt stitching
  • Book binding
  • Upholstery stitching
  1. These Threads are available on Jumbo Y cones for continuous stitching
    3 ply on 7000 mt &
    2 ply on 10000 mt
  2. These Threads are specially lubricated to avoid friction during high speed stitching
  3. These are available in knotless package to give zero thread breakage hence increase productivity
  4. These have excellent seam strength and soft finish
  5. Zero broken filaments results in neat and clean seam

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