Twisted Rope

Twisted Ropes are manufactured in 2ply, 3ply and 4 ply. They are made from High-tenacity Nylon, PP or Polyester multifilament yarns. Twist hardness, strand and type of twist can be customized as per customer’s requirements.

6mm up to 25mm, standard 100mts coil. The length can be varied according to the requirement.

Twisted ropes are also known as laid ropes

These are made by twisting fibres of Yarn in a particular direction (say S or Z) and then re-twisting 2 or more ply in opposite direction such that both are balanced. There can be two possible directions S and ‘Z’ – for clockwise and anticlockwise respectively. The hardness of the rope is depends on the hardness of the twist.

A standard rope is a Z or right handed 3-strand rope, we can also have 2 strand, 4 strand or multi strand ropes. They are also known as 2 ply, 3 ply and multiply ropes.

We also have a tyre cord rope which is made by twisting and doubling of Nylon tyre cord or polyester Tyre cord to form a Rope.

Ropes are widely used in shipping, ocean transportation, defence, military, marine work, in harbour and docks, for fishing, camping, heavy duty hoisting, Rock climbing, mountaineering, as slings. Multi coloured ropes are widely used of decorative purposes.

  • At Venus all ropes are manufactured made-to-order exclusively as per customer’s business requirements.
  • Finishing, design and softness can be customized.
  • Additional sizes can be made available

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