Trilobal Sewing Threads/Embroidery Threads

VENUS INDUSTRIES offers Trilobal polyester sewing and embroidery thread that are made form polyester filament yarn (TRILOBAL FDY). Used in multi head embroidery machines and sewing applications.

These threads are lightly twisted in one, two or three ply to impart strength, luster and smoothness, ideal for high speed machines. The Twines are lubricated with special emulsion to avoid thread breakages.

Available in white and dyed colors on jumbo cones from 1Kg to 2 Kg or on plastic tubes of 500gms.

  • 120/2 ply, 3ply ( 120 double )
  • 150/ 2 ply, 3 ply
  • 250/ 2ply, 3ply
  • 300/ 2 ply, 3 ply
  • 450/ 2ply, 3 ply
  • 500/ 3ply
  • 600/ 2 ply, 3 ply
  • 1000/ 2ply
  1. Machine embroidery/hand embroidery
  2. Carpet stitching and manufacturing.
  3. Mainly used in sewing and stitching of  woven garment, leather and denim garments, decorative stitch for leather products and knitted products.
  4. Bag closing, light stitching of shoes, fabrics, seats, bags and canvas
  1. Big knot-less package available for machine stitching and dying.
  2. Customized twist available from 200TPM upto 800TPM
  3. Colored threads also available on specified quantity
  4. Nylon / rayon embroidery cord also available
  5. Bundled yarn available for carpet making

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