Shoe Stitching Threads

These are coloured 3-ply (1×3) threads made out of Nylon or Polyester 210D high tenacity yarn. These threads are lubricated with special emulsion and are available on Y-cones for high speed sewing machines.

Available in Nylon or Polyester 210D/ 2-ply, 3-ply and 6-ply.

  • As with all our products, these threads are packed under our registered brand SWAN.
  • Following packaging options are available:
    • Knotless jumbo cheese of 1.25 kgs,
    • 500gram plastic tubes.
    • Y-cones.
    • Hank form packaging also available for dyeing purposes.
  • Also available in wide range of customised colours
  • These stitching twines are widely used for shoe stitching, heavy stitching of Leather bags and purses, bag closing etc.
  • The use of emulsion in Leather stitching threads helps reduce thread breakages.
  • It imparts high lustre and increases the heat resistance of threads.

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