Tyre Cord

Tyre cords are high tensile-strength cords that are used as reinforcing material to bolster the strength of final product.

They are manufactured by twisting continuous-filament tyre grade yarn in S or Z directions and then plying them into 2 or 3 plies. Raw material is typically Polyester or Nylon Tyre grade yarn. The final product is available in fabric, rolls and cones.

  • In Polyester tyre cord 1000/2, 1300/2, 1500/2, 2000/2
  • In Nylon tyre cord 840/2, 1260/2, 1890/2
  • As with all our products, these threads are packed under our registered brand SWAN.
  • Type of Twist: Z / S
  • Following packaging options are available:
    • 500gm plastic tube
    • 2 – 10 kgs Knotless package
    • Tyre cord fabrics, and rolls also available
  • Poly cords can be used in making braided hose pipes and auto V-belts
  • Used for bag stitching, FIBC stitching and for making  industrial fabrics
  • Tyre cord rolls and tyre cord fabrics are used in making endless belts and for manufacturing parachute cords
  • High Tenacity, good strength, low elongation, stable dimension, anti-fatigue reduced snerling effect.
  • Tyre cord rolls and tyre cord fabrics are also available.
  • Ready stock available for most sizes and packaging types.

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